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How to give customers a taste of your product before the transaction

Car dealerships offer test drives because they have found
out that after driving a new car, the mind gets a taste of what
we call Instant Gratification.

The prospect gets to enjoy what it’s like to drive a brand new
car without paying for it. This rush of instant gratification
plants a seed that is difficult for many people to uproot.

After that test drive, people say their current vehicle starts to look
and feel old. In many cases they return to trade in their old car or buy a new one.

The quicker you can get someone to experience your
product, the easier it will be to persuade them to buy.

I heard of a piano salesman who would come and give his
prospects a piano to keep in the home for about a week.
By the time he returned to collect it, most of the homes
decided to keep the piano and pay for it.

This happened because they had already gotten a taste of
what it felt like to have a piano in the home.
Their children were already enjoying the piano and
were even considering getting lessons.
All this instant gratification made it easy
for the salesman to close the sale.

If his customers hadn’t gotten to experience it
beforehand, it would have been a tougher sell.

 Free samples, free trials, free consultations,
demonstrations and other try-before-you-buy
tactics work very well.

What can you give people that will get them to
experience the benefits of your product immediately?