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Why your friends don’t support your business


Entrepreneurs get offended when people close to them don’t support their business financially.
A lot of startup founders don’t get why their friends use their apps once and never open them again.

The only people whose opinions and money matter to your business are those who fit your ideal client characteristics.
Maybe your friends are not your ideal customers.

To be honest the average lifetime value of a friend who isn’t your ideal customer is very low. You are actually doing yourself a disservice if all you want is the initial sale.

This usually happens when you build something before thinking about who wants it.

Your focus should be on the few people who absolutely love what you are offering. Everyone else may end up being a distraction.
Think about it for a second.

Every successful business has a core group of die-hard users who will use the product repeatedly and tell everyone about it.
Why would you focus on anyone else?

The real problem here is that most entrepreneurs have no idea who their ideal client or user is.
Not knowing this of course leads to trying to please everyone and un-targeted lead generation.

Find out who wants what you have and grow your customer base from there.

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The Limitless Benefits Of The Christian Life

limitless life of christian business

What’s more impressive?
Being able to outrun men in an Olympic contest or being able to
outrun the fastest horses for miles.

  • What’s more remarkable? Being able to deliver vaccines to one
    thousand sick people or speaking words in a crusade and 1000 people receiving healing instantly?
  • Would you prefer to buy truckloads of food for the hungry or to
    be able to feed over 10,000 men, women and children in mere minutes without spending money?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I’m comparing the natural human feats we see celebrated today with
examples of what divine ability can do.

As children of God we have abilities that are largely untapped.

2 chronicles 9:22–23 says Solomon was richer and wiser than all (not some)
the kings of the earth. All(not some) sought his presence to hear him speak.

  • This means there wasn’t a king on earth who had more
    wealth or problem solving ability than Solomon did.
  • There wasn’t an expense he couldn’t pay for or a problem that was outside his scope of ability.
  • Whether you wanted to know the best way to build a ship, plan a city or cure a diseases, Solomon could tell you exactly how to do that.


Divine ability

How do we use this limitless ability?

By acting on the Word and daring the impossible.

Jesus Christ told us that we are now greater than Solomon.

He also told us that we would do even greater things than He did.

We have seen modern day examples of miraculous feats by believers but not enough because as a family, we have been taught to think like natural men.

We have accepted their limits and talked, acted and lived like them.

2 Peter 1:4 says we have the nature of God now.

What does that mean?

Let’s compare the nature of a Toyota Corolla to the nature of a Hennessey Venom Gt or a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. No one would even bother racing a regular sedan with a sports car because the abilities would be unmatched.

That’s what happened to us after we received Zoe(the life and nature of God). It was like putting the engine of a sports car into the shell of a sedan. Before we may have been able to get from 0 to 100 in 60 seconds but now we can do the same in a mere 3 seconds.

It would be nice to be the fastest athlete in the world but we have something better.

We have the divine ability to get results in record time.

  • It may take others months to receive their first 1 million customers but it can happen for you in a day.
  • It may take decades for others to see $100 billion in profits but it can happen for you in a day.
  • Imagine starting a business today and having 90% market share in 30 days. Can you do that?
  • Imagine coming up with a cure that can wipe out a killer disease in a week. Is that beyond the ability of God in you?

Many quote Philippians 4:13 and say they can do all things through Christ’s ability but they don’t believe what I just said.

You know why?

They want to see an example first. They forget that the Bible says we don’t walk by what we see but purely by faith in the Word of God.

Why quote the scripture that says all things are possible to the believer and yet deny your ability to do the impossible?

How do we use this limitless ability?

By acting on the Word and daring the impossible.

The reason many Christians haven’t seen spectacular feats in their lives is because they listen to people who aren’t familiar with the limitless ability of Jesus Christ.

While some believe they can receive complete healing today by faith, others believe it will take a year.

It’s really as simple as hearing words of faith and acting on them.

I had the ability to lay hands on a sick person and have them healed for years but until I heard Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Kenneth E Hagin explain it, I lived in darkness.

I had the name and authority of Jesus to cause whatever changes I wanted
in my life but until I read E.W Kenyon’s books I just lived like everyone else.

Let’s hear and act on the Word.
The trick of the devil is to make you think you lack some ability, revelation or sufficiency.

The Bible says we are complete in Christ and that He’s our sufficiency.

Welcome to the limitless life.
There is nothing outside the realm of your ability in Christ.

Do you do your most productive activities first?



Do you schedule your most productive activities for the first hours of your day? If you do, you are probably part of the minority who invest their time instead of just spending it.

Many entrepreneurs do all sorts of things for the first few hours of the day instead of doing the activities that would attract customers and grow their business.

The reason many people work 80 plus hours a week isn’t because there is too much to do or that there is no time.

It’s simply because they choose to do too much instead of doing what matters.

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