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before i moved to silicon valley

What they didn’t tell me before I moved to Silicon Valley

 Ronnie Coleman quote

This is a lesson on who you get advice from.
Before moving to the Bay Area(Silicon Valley) from the East Coast, I spoke with some people who already lived here about what to expect in general.

9 out of 10 of them complained about the $3000+ rent for a 1 bedroom or the 2000+ rent for a 1 bedroom in the other parts of Silicon Valley.
Only 10 percent talked about how much money you could make here if you were ready to give massive value. Only these positive few told me about how some of our peers who are employees had starting salaries of $170k+ before bonuses.

The positive few shared personal stories of starting businesses and making their first million. They talked about the fat salaries available to those who were willing to become the best in their fields.

The negative masses focused on the problems and didn’t once mention the opportunities and returns.
The positive few focused on the rewards and the strategies to live well in the Bay Area.

Note that the purpose of the story is not to say that living in the Bay Area is heaven. After all, you can live a fulfilling life anywhere you chose.

It’s akin to the Ronnie Coleman quote.

Bodybuilders don’t focus on the pain or the weights. They focus on the returns their bodies will yield in a few weeks.

It’s the same when it comes to giving away business equity.
When someone offers you money for 50 percent of your business, the first thing to consider may be the cost but you should immediately find out if that amount of equity given away will get you a partner that can get you to your desired goal.

Morale of the story: