Selling High Fee Expertise, Consulting and Professional Services

Would you like me to help you get a consistent flow of high ticket clients,
redefine your business model and
bring the joy back into your business?

If you are a successful consultant, coach, professional services business
or an entrepreneur running an info-business, I can help you.

Finally get your info-business up and running without buying
unnecessary books and overwhelming seminars.

This is your chance to be known as the respected authority in your field.

Here’s the simple way to make money selling premium information and  services.

  1. You don’t need a lot of traffic
  2. You don’t need a big list
  3. You don’t need a big team or overhead
  4. All you need is clarity, a straightforward plan and focus.

Here is what I have for you
An invitation to my strategic planning session which I call;
Selling Expensive Information and Services Workshop

What you get:

One on one  strategic growth session with me here in the San Francisco Bay Area
or in Manhattan depending on which home I’m in at the time.

I’ll help you setup a system on how to create and sell high fee consulting,coaching,
information  and professional services.

You’ll also get proven million dollar campaigns that you can implement without being tech savvy.

You’ll get one on one training on high ticket lead generation, conversion and referral systems.

This will help you to make even more money from your existing client list
whether or not referrals come in this month or not.

I’ll even show you ways to attract hi paying clients without using the Internet.

How is this different?

This isn’t just s high level information marketing session.

This is a growth strategy meeting that where I’ll work with you personally.
This is just you and me for 5 hours working on a plan to make you one of the
highest paid people in your field.

I’ll show you how to identify and attract the whales in your market.

You’ll get the same blueprint I use to be able to charge $47,500 for a day of consulting.

Finally you’ll know how to stop being overwhelmed with too much to do and
just focus on the part of your business that brings in the best results.

What we will work on-

  1. Clarifying your income goals and identifying the perfect clients in your market
  2. How to attract and convert high fee clients who have the ability to pay you
  3. Crafting  compelling and magnetic offers that close the sale without high pressure pitching
  4. Increasing back end sales and profits  while reactive ting past clients
  5. Money getting campaigns online and offline

Who can I help?
You are running a high ticket info-business or if you would like to have one.
You are a consultant, coach or professional services provider.
Your average client value is at least $4,000 or higher.
You understand the benefits are already spending money on Advertising.
You have at least 4000 unique visitors to your website per month or a prospect list of
5000 or more. (This has to be a qualified prospect list not something you
just bought for the sake of it.)

You want a stead stream of high paying clients to come to you.
You are tired of being overwhelmed and would like a simple clear plan
that makes business fun.

Please do not apply to work with me if:
You do not already have a business.
You sell business opportunity or get rich quick schemes
You are in an industry that is unethical.

What will happen if you qualify-
After filling the form at this link, I will do some research to find out if I can help you.
Within 72 hours someone from my office will contact you with a time for us to speak.
My assistant will also send you some grounding materials that you can use to start
making money right away.

After we speak, during our conversation we will immediately come up with a
plan to make you some money even before you let me know if you want an invitation
to the growth strategy session..

In the event you decide to enroll;
I will either invite you here to the San Francisco Bay Area or Manhattan depending
on where I am during the year.

This is a LIVE 6 hour strategy session i.e face to face. (1 am to 5 pm with a lunch break)
This will involve writing, planning and thinking about how to build a strong
info/professional services business that takes up little of your time.

Price is $9,750 and will be paid 5 days before we meet.
This means you should only apply if you plan on making at least 10 times that
figure from our session.

If for any reason you are not pleased with your results within the first 2 hours of our
strategy and implementation session, I will give you your money back.
You can even keep all the material.
This means you do not have to risk or lose anything.
You do have to be willing to implement the plan since my results are not typical.
this is why I only admit people who are not time wasters.

Here is what you should do next
Click this link and fill the form.
Within a few days you will hear from my assistant and I will interview you
to see if we are a good fit.

Thanks for reading.
12 months from now when you look back and see all the great work we have
done together, we will both have a lot to celebrate.

Here is the form.