Here’s why you are not attracting higher paying clients and consistent referrals

Why does this concern you?

You know that getting a consistent stream of clients is good…
You want to be able to get the higher paying clients and most importantly…
you want to be able to charge bigger fees and increase your profits.

Would you like me to show you how to do the aforementioned—
without adding any stress, complexity and overwhelm to your life?

You are attracting people with little assets or small accounts
that don’t have a respect for your knowledge and time.
The key to your business’ growth lies in attracting the highest
value clients and focusing on the highest value activities that
make you money and provide value for your client.
One client who didn’t know this used to send out thousands
of invitations and brochures but only a few showed up to his seminars.
The sad thing is that of the few that came to his office, less than 10% had
enough money to be worth his while.


Not knowing the answers I’m about to show you
is the reason many clients may not regard you
as a respected authority but merely a salesperson in nice clothes.
There is also a reason why you don’t get frequent or better qualified
referrals from your top clients.

The mistakes made
Putting up a form online and  your phone number and
expecting big deals to just bite doesn’t work.

You are targeting big clients but you are not using bait or offers that are appealing to them
One-size-fits all offers are not appealing.
You may be trying to sell services instead of educating the client.
Your website and brochures are not optimized to provoke human interaction.

Step 1 Focus on the top 20% of your client base
(i.e the big spenders that you can help)

Look at commonalities like career, life experiences like graduations,
age, school, club and complimentary services that they buy.
With this information define your ideal client characteristics
and have an image of them in mind.

I recommend having this on a wall in your office and naming that ideal individual or business.
Identify what they want in life, where they go to church, what they drive,
how they feel about certain social issues.
I usually recommend no more than 2 client avatars.

Now you can send 4 direct mail pieces per client instead of one for all.
Its like having ten seedlings and giving each one bucket of water.
You’ll get ten small plants.
If you give 5 of them 2 each you will get 5 tall trees

Step 2 Market to elicit a response not just awareness
You do this by giving your prospect what he or she wants.
You then show the benefits of your expertise.
The mistake many people make is that they focus on their lead generation on themselves.
They talk about how long they have been in business, who they know and how great they are.

Your market doesn’t care about you.

All they care about is what’s in it for them so give them what they want.
The best way to do this is give them some results in advance.
Helping them in advance will make them want to know what else you can give them.

It’s like getting samples from a bakery.
If you like the cupcake samples, you’ll be pretty confident that the
bigger cupcakes will taste the same.
You’ll walk in to see what else they have.

Here is an example:
Let’s say your top idea client characteristics are as follows:
A 42 year old entrepreneur who just sold his first tech startup and has about $200m.
He’s made the money and now he wants to manage and multiply it.
His goal is to pass some of it on to his children without paying exorbitant taxes.
He also wants the money to last longer and to always have enough
to invest in new opportunities.

What you do next is that you create a lead magnet.
This may be a free report, video, webinar or presentation that has exactly
what he wants i.e.
“How to manage over $200m in assets , structure it so that your
family Is set and multiply it so you can invest in new opportunities”

Now you see how different this is from the “3 reasons you should work with me” pitches?

You then offer these lead magnets to him for free.
You accompany it with a letter that says something like this–

“Mr. Smith , our research shows that you just got a good exit on your business.
Like most of our clients, you face the following challenges.
Your recent windfall means there are vultures lurking in the form
of both people and tax systems that could diminish that nest egg.

Our experience helping clients like you shows us that you want to
protect and multiply your money.
You want this so that you can invest in new opportunities as they
come without worrying.

Secondly, you want your family to be secure without taxes eating
up the fruit of your labor.

It’s for this reason that I have created a special presentation that
is only shared with people like you.”

What happens next
He decides he wants the presentation and you send it to him via mail.
You presentation should come in a beautiful package that includes the following

1 The presentation you promised.
This can be on a DVD, brochure or a link to an online presentation.
The presentation should alert him on all the challenges he may or may not
be aware of.
It should then teach him how he can avoid and overcome these challenges.
Don’t hold back.

Give him our best tips and tricks. 90 percent of your competition
is not doing this.
This is what allows you to charge higher fees because now you’re
in the position of an authority.

2. A magnetic and compelling reason to become a client
This is where you use what I like to call mental triggers to turn a
prospect into a pre-sold lead.
After he has gone through your presentation and seen your value, you present
your offer.

Here are the main parts of a magnetic and compelling offer.
1 Offer your specialized help
You may say

“Mr. Smith, would you like me to help you structure a plan to manage,
multiply and protect your wealth so that you can explore new opportunities
without fear and transfer it to your children without paying exorbitant taxes?
Would you take me up on this offer if I said it was for free?

You just offered to do exactly what he’s been desiring for free.

3. A gift that he was not expecting.
If you’ve done your research you will know if he is a sports fan,
a Christian or if he has a hobby such as painting.

You can send him an autographed ball, a uniquely bounded bible
or a cool looking easel and brush set.
It can even be a gift coupon for his wife or children.

Explain to him that this is not a bribe but a gesture of the kind of person you are
Make sure that the care package is useful and not full of junk
that he will want to throw away.

High net worth individuals receive a lot of offers.
I once had a shelf full of useless things that businesses had sent me.
They quickly become a nuisance even though that was not the intended purpose.

B. Explain your reason for doing this
By now he’s wondering what the catch is so you should dissolve
that doubt and objection immediately.
Next, you say “During our conversation I’ll personally review your
current financial situation to find any overlooked federal estate tax liabilities.
Together we’ll look at the top 5 laws that could stand in your way and what the legal solutions are.

We’ll do this to make sure we can give you a system to grow and
multiply your wealth so that your family is taken care of for generations to come.
This could mean that you will finally be able to explore opportunities
that are dear to your heart. ”

C. Remove more risk, doubts and objections by reversing them
and offering relevant testimonials.

By now you are starting to win him over but he may be thinking,
“what’s in it for them?”

He also needs to know that this has worked for someone else.
Social proof is one of the most powerful ways to influence a sale.
You should present relevant testimonials at this point as well.
If your prospect is a farmer and you have testimonials of a client he
can relate with, do it.

This makes him believe that if others like him have gotten value, he will as well.

You respond with,
“The reason I’m offering to help you come up
with this plan for free is simple.

First, I truly enjoy helping clients like you grow and multiply their nest egg.
This is what I’m good at and have been doing it for almost 20 years.
Secondly, my mother taught me that helping people is one of the easiest
ways for them to trust you.

I took this advice to heart and so this is one of the primary ways I get clients.
I would also like to mention that our conversation will not be a sales pitch
in disguise. There will be no pressure and if for any reason you
feel your time is wasted, I will personally recommend someone else.
So you see, you have nothing to lose. “

I even tell clients to go as far as offering to pay the prospect or giving to him
something substantial like a donation to his favorite charity.

D. Slightly pull back the offer by letting him qualify himself
Here is where you show your worth and take over the position
of power in the prospect’s mind.
You say

“You should know that even though I’d like to, I cannot help everyone.
The clients I accept have the following characteristics. ”

Remember how we defined your ideal client characteristics in the beginning?
Here is where you list them.

This is how you out-market your competition.
While most of them are begging prospects to become clients,
you are getting them to qualify themselves.

You will also notice that the language we have used
has a lot of pre-supposition.
Phrases like “when we speak”, “during our conversation”,
“after our conversation” pre-suppose that the prospect wants to take these actions.

I didn’t believe these mental triggers worked until I saw
that my firm got a 75-85 percent close rate by employing all the tactics
mentioned together. This is not because of experience or fame.

We get such high closing rates because we follow this exact process.
No hype. No pressure. Just demonstrating value to a qualified prospect.

E. Your closing question
Here is why you say
“Apply for our planning session by filling this form(or calling this number).
My personal assistant will reach out to you for a suitable
time after your application.
Our planning session will be between 30 to 45 minutes.
I guarantee that you will receive a lot of value.”

The ribbon that ties this all together is your followup
In my experience most professional services and consulting firms
have little or no follow up at all.
The few who do are usually calling to pester the prospect.

You have to understand that your prospects are not sitting at
home thinking about you all day.
In some cases they haven’t even opened your package yet.
This is why I recommend using FedEx or some other kind of
priority mailer.
It gets the prospects attention and they believe it’s important.

Your next step is to wait 3 to 4 days and contact the prospect
via email or a physical priority shipped letter.
In many cases you may have to do both.

What you say is this.
“Hi Mr. Smith. I hope you got immense value from the package I sent the other day. …”

You then give an abridged version of your offer and mention
that the sooner they contact you, the better it is for them. .
If he does not respond within a week, I recommend sending
another gift with your offer attached.

It is only after this that I would recommend calling
the prospect to remind him.
The simple gift, reminder letter and gift plus offer sequence
is an effective follow up system.

Coup de grace: Automating referrals from clients
Unfortunately most consulting and professional services firms
expect referrals to come without them doing anything.
After you work with a client, you should have a system that
asks all of them for one or two referrals.

This should be automated into your sales and follow-up sequence.
Think about it.
There are many times you have had a great experience
from a business but didn’t remember to share that with someone else.

What I recommend is that you call your clients within
days of satisfying them and remind them.

You say:
we were talking about you the other day and it’s been a blessing
to be able to help you grow your wealth and avoid tax liabilities.
I’m sure you feel the same way.
We would like to work with more clients who fit your exceptional caliber.
Could you please recommend two or three people that come to mind?”

This is a low pressure way of getting the referrals that your
competition is waiting to fall into their laps.

  1. To recap-
    I have shown you an effective way to identify your highest value clients.
    You have also seen a simple template for closing the sale and increasing referrals.
    This is the business growth system for professional services firms.

Here’s my free offer to you for taking the time to read this-
I’m offering a free 30 minute growth session to help select
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  • At the Growth Strategy and Implementation session we will:
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    5 Set up new business models and better pricing structures
    6 Create pricing models that maximize your revenue per client

We’ll also specifically implement sales and marketing systems that do the following:
1 Attract your highest value clients and charge higher fees
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Anyway, this is a WORKING event, not a seminar, and you can
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