Why great offers attract the right clients…and how to create your own

What stands between a great product and
a transaction is a compelling and irresistible offer.
Once a client hears about you or sees your ad,
they need a reason to give you money.

Most businesses don’t give any
reason why you should buy from them. 

The offer is the hinge that opens the door to their wallets.
This is the first in a series of posts
I’ll be writing on different kinds of offers and how to create them.
Look out for the hashtag #reasontobuy on Instagram

Here are some popular kinds of offers
that you can copy and paste into your business-

*Risk reversal
*Try before you buy
*Free trial
*Free training
*Free consultation
*Buy 1 get 1 free
*Free shipping
*No money down
*Small deposit plus deferred payments
*Free gift when you come in
*Only pay for shipping
*Only pay for shipping, if you like it, keep it
and I’ll charge you, if you don’t, keep it but I won’t charge you

A good offer is simply the system that turns a prospect into a client.
It is made up of psychological and mental triggers
that offer the prospect a compelling reason to give you money.

After the prospect has contacted you or opted in for
your lead magnet, this is what you show them next.

Your offer can either be in the form of a PDF, Video,
phone call or one on one.

The key is to remove all doubts and objections from
the prospects mind.

Here is my Magnetic Offer Template

1 Give the client what he desires, explain the
benefits of your offer and tell the client the reason you are doing this. 

Using my business as an example, the lead magnet
for my strategic coaching and consulting services is the Advanced Growth Manual.
The manual’s purpose is to get the prospect to apply to work with me as a client.

Let’s say a prospect opts in for information on how
to increase his sales.

After a client opts in for my lead magnet on my website,
I present them with the free content and an offer to work
with me. The offer is usually embedded in the content itself
and the prospect has to apply or contact my office for a free
consultation and planning session.

After the prospect opts in for the free manual, I give him
my system for attracting and converting high paying clients.
Sometimes I offer a free campaign he can use to increase his income in just 6 days.

Second, I tell the prospect that the campaign
will give him an extra inflow of cash in a short time.
We do this because the prospect has to know exactly
what he’ll get after doing what you tell them.
Most importantly I want the prospect to get immediate
results on their own.

Third, I explain that I do this partly because I enjoy
helping entrepreneurs make money.
I also mention that giving away this free campaign is a way to get new clients.

You have to always give the reason for offering free
help since many people are skeptical and want to deal with someone who is transparent.

2 Remove sales pressure and show proof
The first psychological trigger I use is that I remind
the client that they are under no obligation to become a client.
I re-assure them that I will not pester or pressure

them to buy anything after this initial communication.

The second thing to do here is offer social proof such
as testimonials and endorsements if you have them.

This works very well.

This is important because prospects in many markets
are used to signing up for something free and getting
inundated with spam, high pressure salespeople and
unwanted mail. You want them to know that you are
genuinely interested in helping them with no strings attached.

3 Risk Reversal and Guarantee
The second psychological trigger is done by reversing
the risk of the transaction.
At this stage I pitch the client on my services and let
them know that there is no risk involved.

My risk reversal offer is this:
“if after using my free content you decide to apply to
become a client, I will create a customized growth strategy plan
for free and show you how to double your business this year.
My monthly fee is $9,800 for strategic coaching and consulting.
My guarantee is that if you do not make at least $10,000 within
a month of working with me,
I will refund the entire amount, no questions asked.
You even get to keep everything I sent you. ”

Such a bold risk reversal and guarantee shows the prospect
that they have nothing to lose.
They get a free growth strategy that they can use and in case
they do not get results, they get their money back.

If you can’t guarantee what you are selling, then you need to find something else to sell.

4 The takeaway and qualification
At this point the prospect has gotten my free content,
seen the benefits, knows how much I charge and
understands what he will get if he works with me.
Another effective psychological trigger here is to make
him quality himself.

I do this by stating the characteristics of the type of client
I can help and the type that should not apply to work with me.
Doing this not only keeps the wrong prospects from contacting you.
It also puts you in the place of authority where the
prospect sees you as an expert and not a commodity in your field.

Unfortunately many entrepreneurs beg prospects to
work with them and that puts the power in the hands of the prospect.

5 Call to action
Finally I tell the client what he needs to do to be able
to contact me. My lead magnet will direct him to a form
or phone number that he has to call to qualify himself.

I usually have him answer some questions about himself
and his business so I can do some research.
Research is good because it prepares me for the consulting
session and also let’s me know if I can help the prospect or not.

6 Closing the sale
This is the part where most people make mistakes.

Closing the sale involves simply asking the right questions,
listening to the client and offering solutions in a collaborative
The last step is sending your invoice or order form.

By collaborative manner, I mean you let the prospect feel like
you are not telling him what to do but listening to his ideas
and offering useful feedback.

For e.g By the time I speak with the client I already have
some ideas that can help him.
I find out where he is now and listen to find out where he
wants to go with his business.
My answers provide the bridge between where he is now
and where he wants to be.

I then end the session by repeating all the solutions we came
up with together and then I use this line.

“I’m glad we have been able to create a plan of action
that will double your business in a few short months.
Would you like me to help you implement these plans
and others over the next few months?”

At this point, the prospect usually says yes and
pays my fee for the first month.
It’s really that easy.
All I had to do was practice
Luke 6:38 “Give and it shall be given to you.”

I gave value and the prospect became a client.

To conclude..
My system is simply offering free help and asking the
prospect to become a client.
No shenanigans or gimmicks necessary.

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