Why your friends don’t support your business


Entrepreneurs get offended when people close to them don’t support their business financially.
A lot of startup founders don’t get why their friends use their apps once and never open them again.

The only people whose opinions and money matter to your business are those who fit your ideal client characteristics.
Maybe your friends are not your ideal customers.

To be honest the average lifetime value of a friend who isn’t your ideal customer is very low. You are actually doing yourself a disservice if all you want is the initial sale.

This usually happens when you build something before thinking about who wants it.

Your focus should be on the few people who absolutely love what you are offering. Everyone else may end up being a distraction.
Think about it for a second.

Every successful business has a core group of die-hard users who will use the product repeatedly and tell everyone about it.
Why would you focus on anyone else?

The real problem here is that most entrepreneurs have no idea who their ideal client or user is.
Not knowing this of course leads to trying to please everyone and un-targeted lead generation.

Find out who wants what you have and grow your customer base from there.

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