Coaching Christian Entrepreneurs

If Jesus was running your business,
how long would it take him to become the leader in your industry?

Christian entrepreneurs have an advantage.

It’s not in being morally right
or being sanctimonious or going to church
or saying amen after someone speaks.

Our advantage is the ability of Jesus Christ in us.
We have the creator of the universe as our
co-founder and Senior Partner.

This gives us power, riches, wisdom, strength,
protection, favor, honor and angelic assistance to name a few.

Jesus met a businessman called Peter and his business
received so much income that he needed partners to help him
take it all in.
Imagine having so much business that you call
other business owners to share in your good fortune.

Isaac was such a successful entrepreneur that no matter what
his competition did, he still got 100 times what he invested.
Imagine your business getting 100 times the results
you have today just 12 months from now.
Isaac did this even when there was a recession.

Joseph received revelation that solved a global food crisis.
He had no prior training in global agriculture but he had the
blessing of the Lord so that was enough.

The epistles show us that as He is so are we.
The gospels remind us that we will do even greater things and
that nothing is impossible to us.
We are also reminded that as He is, so are we.(1 John 4:17)

The scripture doesn’t say “as he was” but as HE IS right now.
This means you are to have the same results in
business as Christ has in His ministry now.

Is Jesus a failure today? NO
Is He struggling today? NO
Is He confused, stressed, overwhelmed and in debt? NO

He has made us above only and not beneath.
We have his ability and power to make any change we desire.

We have his wisdom so no answer is outside of our spirit’s consciousness.
We have the Holy Spirit to guide, direct and empower us.
We have angels to move men, nations and circumstances to bend to our will.

Why haven’t we seen more Christian business giants?
Romans 10:14 tells us that without hearing, men cannot believe.
And without believing, a man cannot see past what he currently knows.

For a long time, religion has created weak Christians.
Christians who only use faith when praying or in Church.
Christians who cannot see that the world belongs to them
and that we have control of this universe.

Every rock, every object, every atom and every particle in
this universe has been ours since Christ rose and made us righteous.

The few men who found out this truth like John D. Rockefeller
were called greedy and vilified by other Christians who chose mediocrity over their birth right.

My goal and calling is to raise Christian business giants.
Men and women whose presence in a nation will increase its GDP.
People who shall control and impact the world’s economy positively.

Children of God who will not be known for what
denomination they belong to but will be known
for how many people they have employed.

We will be known for how many jobs we create and how many lives we save.

How do we do this?
I have created the Christ Entrepreneurship Academy

This is a Christian entrepreneur training program.
This training program is for business owners who want a step by step growth
strategy plan to multiply their revenue and grow their businesses.

We will focus for the first year on the following:

  1. Understanding how to use the ability of God to get what
    you want in business and your personal life
  2. How to identify your purpose and the highest
    value activities in your business
  3. How to identify your highest value customers
  4. How to use marketing strategy to attract the right customers to you
  5. How to turn the right prospects into customers with
    magnetic and compelling offers
  6. How to multiply your revenue and profits per customer
  7. How to dominate your market and outperform your competition
  8. How to grow a business that impacts the world
    without stress, uncertainty and overwhelm
  9. How to use internet marketing campaigns and online
    sales sequences to increase your sales.


How you will receive it
Every Monday for 8 weeks, you will receive training delivered to your inbox

Every Thursday I will schedule a live 3 hour call
where I will answer questions that you have with regards
to marketing strategy and business growth.
We will not discuss topics outside the program such
as employee issues, legal concerns, tax laws or anything like that.

We will also meet face to face once either
here in the San Francisco Bay Area or Manhattan, New York.

You will be informed weeks in advance
so you can prepare for this face to face meeting.

This is not for everyone.
Those I can help are ambitious Christian entrepreneurs
who want to be the leaders in their fields.

Only Christian business owners and entrepreneurs are allowed.
You must have a solid product and business that has already made $100,000 in revenue

This is for people who are already running but want to fly. No newbies allowed.
You must already be spending money on marketing
and advertising or at least be open to it if shown how.

You must be coachable and willing to learn.
You must be a doer I.e someone who acts on ideas and implements quickly

People who will try to explain away failure
and give excuses for why they don’t have what
they want in life are not permitted to enroll.

The types of businesses that will gain the most
benefit from this 8 week program are-

Professional services providers such as accounting firms,
consulting firms, wealth managers, investment firms,
information marketing/publishing houses,

Service based businesses such as SaaS startups and
Private Doctor’s offices(chiropractors and dentists etc)

Businesses that sell physical products but employ online marketing.


If after the first month of training you do not feel
you have received at least $1 million worth of value
to create dramatic results in your business,
let me know and you will receive a full refund. No risk.
I can give this bold guarantee because I
know the value you will get.
Of course I cannot guarantee that my results or anyone
else’s are typical but if you couple wisdom with action, you have no limits.

Here’s what you do next

Apply by clicking here.
The application is simply to let me know more
about your business so I know how to help you.

After the application, I will contact you either via
email or Skype if necessary to let you know if you will receive an invitation.

You will know within 72 hours if your application is approved.

Please direct questions here or call +17203148452

If your application is approved;
You will receive payment details and we will start immediately.

Thank you for reading.

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