I’m Jeffrey.

I’ve written code, started businesses, advised business leaders, published books and taught inspectional reading to both 6 year olds and CEOs(300 pages in 2 hours with full comprehension).

I’m the founder and CEO of Manu Equity and GrowingStartup. 

Have you ever wondered if we have an advantage as Christian entrepreneurs?
I’m sure you have realized that our advantage is NOT in creeds, hymns, denominations and morality. 

We say we believe that we can do all things through Christ and yet why do so few of us see supernatural business results?

Our advantage is this:
We have the creator of the universe living us.
That means all of Jesus Christ’s ability is available to us.
You have the same anointing Jesus used to draw so much fish
to Peter’s nets that he had to call partners to help him.

That same anointing can bring you abundantly more clients than you can handle.
That same blessing gave Job the wisdom to become the wealthiest men of his time.
It drew kings to Solomon who just wanted to hear him speak.
It gave Joseph the wisdom to solve problems of global relevance.

You have the same ability and wisdom in you. (1 Corinthians 1:30)

I created this site to show you how to use that ability.
You will learn how to attract and convert clients who are willing and able to pay you.
I will show you how to create magnetic and compelling offers
that turn your traffic into customers.
You will also come to learn marketing and sales systems that can
multiply your profits and revenues in a quarter.

What I believe:
I believe Jesus Christ loved us, died, rose and has made us children of God.
I believe the power of the Holy Spirit and the name
of Jesus gives us dominion over this earth.
I believe all things are possible to a child of God.
I believe many Christian business owners can’t
relate with the clergy so this site is created by someone who has
started businesses and is currently building his empire.

I believe it important to be both anointed and competent.
Unfortunately too many of us are either too focused on the anointing
while others are too focused on their own efforts.
The grace of God coupled with the gifts our Father has given us;

is enough tot make a business giant out of anyone.

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Jeffrey Manu.