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August 2017

7. How can you have the same skills but different results?

Only about three percent of the men who go into business for themselves succeed. Seventy-five percent of marriages are failures.

Only a few who have had the privilege of college and university educations make a real success of life.

This fact bothered me. I wondered why it was.
Then this new unveiling of the Word came, and I saw that the difficulty lay in this: they had education, they had training, they had opportunity, but they did not know how to use the knowledge they had, or how to take advantage of the opportunity when it came, or how to fit themselves into life so they would win.-E.W Kenyon

In this episode, I share one of the things that give one person an edge over another even though they have the same skills.

8. Active versus Passive Growth


How can you control your growth on your own terms?

I also share the difference between passive and active communication and why email can be unproductive.

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