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November 2016

What they didn’t tell me before I moved to Silicon Valley

 Ronnie Coleman quote

This is a lesson on who you get advice from.
Before moving to the Bay Area(Silicon Valley) from the East Coast, I spoke with some people who already lived here about what to expect in general.

9 out of 10 of them complained about the $3000+ rent for a 1 bedroom or the 2000+ rent for a 1 bedroom in the other parts of Silicon Valley.
Only 10 percent talked about how much money you could make here if you were ready to give massive value. Only these positive few told me about how some of our peers who are employees had starting salaries of $170k+ before bonuses.

The positive few shared personal stories of starting businesses and making their first million. They talked about the fat salaries available to those who were willing to become the best in their fields.

The negative masses focused on the problems and didn’t once mention the opportunities and returns.
The positive few focused on the rewards and the strategies to live well in the Bay Area.

Note that the purpose of the story is not to say that living in the Bay Area is heaven. After all, you can live a fulfilling life anywhere you chose.

It’s akin to the Ronnie Coleman quote.

Bodybuilders don’t focus on the pain or the weights. They focus on the returns their bodies will yield in a few weeks.

It’s the same when it comes to giving away business equity.
When someone offers you money for 50 percent of your business, the first thing to consider may be the cost but you should immediately find out if that amount of equity given away will get you a partner that can get you to your desired goal.

Morale of the story:

How can Jesus help you in your career?

img src:giphy

img src:giphy

Because Jesus is with you, expect good success in everything that you do!
For example, when you are placed over a sales project, believe that
your sales team will hit record levels of sales never achieved before in your organization.

When you are overseeing the finances of a company,
believe that you will find legal ways to help your company
save on operating expenses and increase its cash flow like never before.

When you are placed in a business development role,
believe that Jesus will cause doors that have always been
closed to your company to be opened to you because of
His unmerited favor upon your life. — Joseph Prince

How to keep from worrying and seemingly legitimate concerns

img source:thebump

img source:thebump

Believers are not supposed to spend time trying to give
others a good impression.

We are not called to try to defend our image or defend our rights.
This usually leads to a troubled heart and always trying to win an argument.

Jesus told us not to let anything trouble our hearts
but to simply believe Him and receive His peace. John 14:1-27

The devil can’t trouble the life of a person whose
heart can’t be troubled. He needs us to move from peace to
concern in order to trouble us.

How to give customers a taste of your product before the transaction

Car dealerships offer test drives because they have found
out that after driving a new car, the mind gets a taste of what
we call Instant Gratification.

The prospect gets to enjoy what it’s like to drive a brand new
car without paying for it. This rush of instant gratification
plants a seed that is difficult for many people to uproot.

After that test drive, people say their current vehicle starts to look
and feel old. In many cases they return to trade in their old car or buy a new one.

The quicker you can get someone to experience your
product, the easier it will be to persuade them to buy.

I heard of a piano salesman who would come and give his
prospects a piano to keep in the home for about a week.
By the time he returned to collect it, most of the homes
decided to keep the piano and pay for it.

This happened because they had already gotten a taste of
what it felt like to have a piano in the home.
Their children were already enjoying the piano and
were even considering getting lessons.
All this instant gratification made it easy
for the salesman to close the sale.

If his customers hadn’t gotten to experience it
beforehand, it would have been a tougher sell.

 Free samples, free trials, free consultations,
demonstrations and other try-before-you-buy
tactics work very well.

What can you give people that will get them to
experience the benefits of your product immediately?

Why your friends don’t support your business


Entrepreneurs get offended when people close to them don’t support their business financially.
A lot of startup founders don’t get why their friends use their apps once and never open them again.

The only people whose opinions and money matter to your business are those who fit your ideal client characteristics.
Maybe your friends are not your ideal customers.

To be honest the average lifetime value of a friend who isn’t your ideal customer is very low. You are actually doing yourself a disservice if all you want is the initial sale.

This usually happens when you build something before thinking about who wants it.

Your focus should be on the few people who absolutely love what you are offering. Everyone else may end up being a distraction.
Think about it for a second.

Every successful business has a core group of die-hard users who will use the product repeatedly and tell everyone about it.
Why would you focus on anyone else?

The real problem here is that most entrepreneurs have no idea who their ideal client or user is.
Not knowing this of course leads to trying to please everyone and un-targeted lead generation.

Find out who wants what you have and grow your customer base from there.

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The Limitless Benefits Of The Christian Life

limitless life of christian business

What’s more impressive?
Being able to outrun men in an Olympic contest or being able to
outrun the fastest horses for miles.

  • What’s more remarkable? Being able to deliver vaccines to one
    thousand sick people or speaking words in a crusade and 1000 people receiving healing instantly?
  • Would you prefer to buy truckloads of food for the hungry or to
    be able to feed over 10,000 men, women and children in mere minutes without spending money?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I’m comparing the natural human feats we see celebrated today with
examples of what divine ability can do.

As children of God we have abilities that are largely untapped.

2 chronicles 9:22–23 says Solomon was richer and wiser than all (not some)
the kings of the earth. All(not some) sought his presence to hear him speak.

  • This means there wasn’t a king on earth who had more
    wealth or problem solving ability than Solomon did.
  • There wasn’t an expense he couldn’t pay for or a problem that was outside his scope of ability.
  • Whether you wanted to know the best way to build a ship, plan a city or cure a diseases, Solomon could tell you exactly how to do that.


Divine ability

How do we use this limitless ability?

By acting on the Word and daring the impossible.

Jesus Christ told us that we are now greater than Solomon.

He also told us that we would do even greater things than He did.

We have seen modern day examples of miraculous feats by believers but not enough because as a family, we have been taught to think like natural men.

We have accepted their limits and talked, acted and lived like them.

2 Peter 1:4 says we have the nature of God now.

What does that mean?

Let’s compare the nature of a Toyota Corolla to the nature of a Hennessey Venom Gt or a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. No one would even bother racing a regular sedan with a sports car because the abilities would be unmatched.

That’s what happened to us after we received Zoe(the life and nature of God). It was like putting the engine of a sports car into the shell of a sedan. Before we may have been able to get from 0 to 100 in 60 seconds but now we can do the same in a mere 3 seconds.

It would be nice to be the fastest athlete in the world but we have something better.

We have the divine ability to get results in record time.

  • It may take others months to receive their first 1 million customers but it can happen for you in a day.
  • It may take decades for others to see $100 billion in profits but it can happen for you in a day.
  • Imagine starting a business today and having 90% market share in 30 days. Can you do that?
  • Imagine coming up with a cure that can wipe out a killer disease in a week. Is that beyond the ability of God in you?

Many quote Philippians 4:13 and say they can do all things through Christ’s ability but they don’t believe what I just said.

You know why?

They want to see an example first. They forget that the Bible says we don’t walk by what we see but purely by faith in the Word of God.

Why quote the scripture that says all things are possible to the believer and yet deny your ability to do the impossible?

How do we use this limitless ability?

By acting on the Word and daring the impossible.

The reason many Christians haven’t seen spectacular feats in their lives is because they listen to people who aren’t familiar with the limitless ability of Jesus Christ.

While some believe they can receive complete healing today by faith, others believe it will take a year.

It’s really as simple as hearing words of faith and acting on them.

I had the ability to lay hands on a sick person and have them healed for years but until I heard Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Kenneth E Hagin explain it, I lived in darkness.

I had the name and authority of Jesus to cause whatever changes I wanted
in my life but until I read E.W Kenyon’s books I just lived like everyone else.

Let’s hear and act on the Word.
The trick of the devil is to make you think you lack some ability, revelation or sufficiency.

The Bible says we are complete in Christ and that He’s our sufficiency.

Welcome to the limitless life.
There is nothing outside the realm of your ability in Christ.

How to think bigger than everyone else and get paid for it

charlie munger thinking automated mental models entrepreneurs


I could have titled this “How to make sure your market does not determine your profits
or “Automated systems thinking for entrepreneurs.”
It would surprise you to know how uncommon it is for most entrepreneurs to prioritize thinking.
This is why an automated mental framework is necessary.

I agree with Buffett when he says
“I insist on a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think.
That is very uncommon in American business. I read and think.
So I do more reading and thinking, and make less impulse
decisions than most people in business. I do it because I like this kind of life.”   

Here is what I mean.

When I was starting out, no one told me to focus on results.
In fact I did not even know what conversion rates were.
I was just in it for the activity. I measured my success by how much money
had come in not by how much closer I was to my goal.

How would you know if you are winning
if you don’t know where you are going?

The problem is that many of us measure our
satisfaction by our needs and not on our potential.

Speaking in purely monetary terms I could be making
$100 million a year but if my potential is $1 billion then I have failed.

Many times we judge ourselves based on what
our industry average is or what success others in our field have had.

This is erroneous thinking and a symptom of the herd mentality.
I like something David Oyedepo said.
‘The only place you are permitted to have mates is in school.”
What he meant by this is that the people you call contemporaries
will define your limit.  You won’t rise higher than the “market” you think you are in.

What’s the solution?
Having an independent mental framework that is focused on your potential.
Be careful that you do not focus on the demand or size of the market either.

I know people who make less than they should because they
believe that’s a good amount considering their market size.
That again is small thinking.
I heard of a businessman who has less than 18,000 people in
his town and yet rakes in millions of dollars a year.
He refused to let his market determine his potential.

One of my favorite examples of a potential focused mindset
is John D. Rockefeller. While his competitors thought they could
trump him by competing in the oil industry, John D. had other plans.

John D. knew his potential was bigger than the oil industry.
He said his goal was to “light the world”. This helped him innovate
magnitudes above those who thought they were his competition.
They thought they were running the same race.
They did not know he was flying above their heads.

Over the years I have learnt that it is important to build
your own mental framework for decision making in business

This framework has to be results based and void of emotion.
It must be rooted in first principles and factor in human nature.

You have to know where you are going and what needs to happen in order to get there.

Every serious business person I have read about or met is interested in results.

tom watson results

They know these 3 metrics at the back of their minds.

  1. How much revenue is expected this month
  2. How much revenue do we have now
  3. What is the difference and what needs to happen in order for us to be achieve the results we want.

Notice I didn’t say “what you need to do to achieve the results you want.”

Entrepreneurs love “doing” stuff because they think of activity first before results.
In step 3 maybe someone else needs to do something and not you.
Maybe a certain mindset change must happen and not necessarily a physical action.

For example my business changed overnight when I found out that my
mental image of myself was not as highly defined as it should have been.

After I defined who I wanted to be internally, all my actions fell into place.

The secret was not in me doing anything new.
It was me “being” internally who I am supposed to be.

The minute you see yourself today as you desire to be, you
will know what to do, where to go, what kind of business fits
your unique skills and even what books you should not read.

I got this Business strategy from the Bible.

When God wanted to give Abraham children He didn’t ask him to do
anything. He told him to change his inner image of himself by changing
his name. Abram now had to call himself Abraham, which means father
of many nations. He started to see himself with many children and started asking people to address him that way.

Very soon Abraham’s body obeyed the words he had been speaking.

Two Fundamental Pillars Of Your Mental Framework

I believe you need two fundamental pillars to build this mental framework.
First you need to understand human behavior.

Secondly, you need to understand which metrics are important.
That you got 1000 sales last week does not mean that was a success.
Maybe with better innovation and marketing you should have made 10,000 sales instead.

I like something Warren Buffett said.

 “To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ,
unusual business insights, or inside information,” Buffett said.
“What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions
and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework. This book precisely and clearly prescribes the proper framework.
You must provide the emotional discipline.”

Warren echoes what I believe so many people miss because they are listening
to the wrong information. I pity entrepreneurs who base most of their
decisions on what they read in the media.
They assume the reporters are business people like them.
Sadly many people who write on business don’t know what it takes to start or grow a business.
Their job is to report and not to advice.
The problem is many reporters will add their opinion to a piece when
all they should have done is report the facts.

The market then takes the opinions and acts based on that.

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s success from what I can infer
has little to do with their knowledge on finance.
They like many other successful people before them have learnt
that human behavior many times is predictable.

If you know what patterns to look out for, you can engineer your own results.

warren buffett circle of competence automated mental frameworks


How does this apply to your business?

  1. Define internally what a life full of victory and success would look like.

Does that mental image of yourself have a trillion dollar business?
Does she have 4 clients or 4,000?
Does he drive an Audi R8 or a Mercedes truck?
Does she work on the weekends or not?

Is he speaking before crowds of 10,000 or 6,000?
What does her average working day look like?
Who does she eat breakfast with and where does she have lunch?
What kind of house does she live in?

What you do next is write down what keywords describe your
perfect image of yourself.
If you are in the internet marketing/media space like I am, you can use
these keywords but don’t limit them to your industry.

Keywords/Keyphrases: 90% conversion rate of highly targeted traffic,
billions in yearly profits, information marketing, content strategy, business growth,
faith in business, rest, Jesus Christ, Frank Kern, Neil Patel, Mark Zuckerberg,
Buffett, Gates, Bloomberg, Oyedepo, SEO, Guest Posts, Give too much value,
Innovate with value not with low prices, Automate marketing and sales funnel,
Give give give and then ask for a sale etc. etc.

Knowing what keywords matter to your journey will help you weed out information
that is unnecessary.

  1. Decide which metrics matter to you

It is said that when most people were focusing on how many signups they had,
Mark Zuckerberg told his team they would focus on active users.
This is a focus on results. If you visit the gym twice a day and yet have the
results of someone who goes in only once a month, your activity doesn’t mean much.

As an entrepreneur customer satisfaction and conversion rates are excellent metrics to focus on.

  1. Automate the framework and focus on it

“I’m no genius. I’m smart in spots—but I stay around those spots.” — Tom Watson Sr., Founder of IBM

 Whenever you have a decision to make, look through your mind to see
if you understand it.  Knowledge is not enough.
Only act on what you understand or have a witness in your spirit about.

If you do not know enough to be useful in a certain area, delegate
the decision to someone who has an understanding and results in that field.

One trap many people fall prey to is the need to diversify when they
do not have a deep understanding.
After the money starts coming in they immediately start buying
stocks or real estate without assessing the opportunity cost.
This is why marrying the right person and having the right mentors
and business partners is important.
Having the right advisors will anchor you and keep you in your circle of competence.

I get offers to do all kinds of projects and investments but I
have learnt to stay in the place where I can be the biggest blessing.

Book Recommendation:

Success Systems by David Oyedepo
Snowball by Alice Shroeder

What mental frameworks do you use in your business? Which keywords or phrases do you use?

Here is what you should know before you get sucked into another Christian argument.

Have you noticed that Christianity means different things to different people?
For some, when they hear Christianity they think about going to Church, prayer, singing, dancing, worship, sowing seeds, evangelism, fasting or that Christian or pastor they think is not doing the right things.
The only things they associate Christianity with are external things that other men can see.

Christianity is that religion mummy or daddy forced them to join when they were young. For them, it’s that social club with a list of moral conditions. Or maybe it’s what the white man used to enslave black people.

They don’t know that Jesus didn’t come to start a religious institution.
They genuinely do not know that Christianity is Jesus saving us from spiritual death and making us children of God.
They really have no idea that Christianity is divinity covered with flesh on earth. We are literally gods.

Dogs breed dogs. cats breed cats. God’s offspring are gods.

They may be sincere but many are sincerely wrong.

The only Jesus they know is the one who that sister said gave her a baby after years of service….or that brother who just got a job because he fasted for 120 days.
Their knowledge of Jesus is based on a mixture of hearsay and emotional highs. It usually isn’t grounded in truth or a personal intimate relationship with our loving Father.

Dear brothers and sisters, when I was with you I couldn’t talk to you as I would to spiritual people. I had to talk as though you belonged to this world or as though you were infants in the Christian life. 1 Corinthians 3:1

He who is Father to us is merely God to them even though we live in the same house.

What do you tell them if they ask you why you are a Christian and what this life is about?
There are a lot of blessings that came with this new nature.
2 Peter 1:4 says that we have been partners in the exact same nature as our Heavenly Father.

We are not only human anymore. You carry the same power that created the universe in your belly. Your words can change the course of an entire nation. What do you think Jesus is living in you for?

Our assignment here is to bring the dead into life. It’s to be a light that dispels darkness, heals the sick, raises the dead, builds empires that will be blessing to billions of people.
We are here to make Jesus famous.


Do you do your most productive activities first?



Do you schedule your most productive activities for the first hours of your day? If you do, you are probably part of the minority who invest their time instead of just spending it.

Many entrepreneurs do all sorts of things for the first few hours of the day instead of doing the activities that would attract customers and grow their business.

The reason many people work 80 plus hours a week isn’t because there is too much to do or that there is no time.

It’s simply because they choose to do too much instead of doing what matters.

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