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October 2016

Religion is a problem. Jesus is the solution.

Religion is a problem. It will make you more interested in going to Church than in knowing Jesus Christ intimately.

Religion will make you focus on yourself and your actions, instead of focusing on Jesus Christ and the grace that has been made available.

Religion is the reason some Christians know more about the ten commandments than the love of God.

The solution is to get to know Jesus Christ through His Word and prayer.

Jesus did not come to setup a religious society based on do’s and dont’s.

He came to give dead men the life of God. 
He came to turn sinners into saints. 
He came to pay the price for sin so we could become free men; children of the most high God. 

The solution is to feed on the epistles starting with the book of Romans till you come to know who you are in Christ.

There are at least 130 scriptures in the New Testament that tell you who you are in Christ.”in Him”, “in Whom” etc.

For e.g 2 Corinthians 5:17 says you are IN CHRIST so you are a new creature. You are not merely the product of your environment or a child of your parents. You are now a child of God.

Stay away from religion. Seek to know our loving Father.