Wisdom is the principal thing


My name is Jeffrey Manu and I’m the founder of Manu Equity and Growingstartup.com.
This is where I share wisdom and insights on how to be a successful Christian entrepreneur.
I don’t believe the mark of a believer in business is just being moral and saying amen at the end of every sentence.

As believers we have a spiritual advantage in every area of life.
It’s not all about money either.

After all, there are a lot of poor people with millions and billions of dollars.
I meet people all the time who have money but their family life is constantly in crisi. Their children hate them and their spouses can’t trust them. That’s not the life Jesus Christ has provided for us.

Money is common but impact is not.
This is why I started STEM and entrepreneurship initiatives in Ghana.
Even though I live in Silicon Valley now, I was born and raised in Ghana.

Brief Bio
At 17, I was a door to door salesman in London.

At 22, I was the VP of Marketing and Operations at a startup I co-founded in Ghana.
This was the period when I led the team that built one of Africa’s first IOS apps.

At 26, I was working on brand strategy and writing copy for a consulting firm.

By 25, I founded a non-profit organization in Accra, Ghana focused
on paying school fees and education for rural youth.

At 27, I was the VP of Marketing for a footwear brand and the founder
of a Branding and Design firm.

By 29 I had founded a STEM based workshop program for African youth.

By 30, I founded a media and technology firm that focused on business
growth and strategy for entrepreneurs.

I currently run Manu Equity, a growth and marketing partner to ambitious entrepreneurs.

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Thanks for reading,
Jeffrey Manu.